The first global information platform to help stop the spread of COVID-19

(The coronavirus)

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The location history is saved on the users device only, thus being discreet and respecting the users anonymity


Mapping the movements of the app user with the movements of those with the Corona virus.


The alerts are official updates about the Corona virus.


Based on official health authorities info only.

Track VIrus offers comprehensive corporate and public health solutions, which also include consumer apps. 


The Track Virus Consumer app monitors your route, once there is a public update from official Health authorities regarding the route of a COVID-19 patient, the app will automatically check the database of its users in order to identify if any of the users was present or near an “infected” location. If a match is found, the user will receive a notification requesting he/she act according to relevant guidelines and get in touch with the Health authorities as soon as possible.


Please note, when and if you received a notification, you should contact the Health authorities as soon as possible and report your information. The official Health authorities are the only ones authorized to instruct you on what to do and if you must go into quarantine or a medical facility. 


The location history is saved on your device only. There is no user identification, not even an email nor a phone number.  

When and if a COVID-19 patient is identified by the local Health authorities, you will be able to click on "settings" in the app and export your location history in order to give it into the relevant Health authorities.


Please note that the app does not have documentation or record of your route and locations prior to the moment you downloaded the app, therefore, it is recommended to download the app rather sooner than later.  


All of the information updated on the app is based on the public updates of the Health Ministry and the media, should you find any error or problematic information, please contact our developer. It is important to state that having this being a beta product, errors may occur therefore please visit the official sites of your local health authorities in order to catch up on the official updates.


For the Consumer App (published in collaboration with United Hazallah) :

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