We are living in a new world - one defined by the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic created an immediate need for governments (at all levels), healthcare systems, and businesses to track and slow the spread as well as accelerate recovery.

People are justifiably anxious and confused.

Everybody wants to return to normal ASAP, but to do so in a privacy-preserving, risk-managed approach.

They all need personally relevant information and tools at their fingertips.

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Track Virus has created a privacy respecting platform that is composed of apps and a set of web services designed to track and slow the spread of infectious diseases, by providing real-time assessment of the likelihood of any individual being contagious, empowering individuals, governments, and businesses to accelerate recovery in a risk-managed manner.

Our Track-Virus RS ™ risk scoring enables context-dependent access to different settings, such as workplaces, long-term care, medical facilities, and shopping centers.

The platform provides solutions that minimize the impact to businesses by properly tracking, in a strictly privacy-preserving manner, the whereabouts of each person on-premises - and if ever, any of them are discovered to be infected and contagious, only the minimal staff and resources need to be tested and possibly isolated, and only the minimum areas on-premises need decontamination. 

By combining anonymized users’ location histories, self-reporting, and available and derived epidemiological data, the platform determines the risk of any individual, group and location to be infected and informs individuals, policymakers, and businesses.

Based on our core platform, we offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of a variety of stakeholders, enabling a risk-based “Return to the New Norm” approach for:

Public Health Authorities

Large Employers (One or more locations)

Long-Term Facilities

Shopping Centers

Medical Facilities

Social Contact Tracing